World Surf League brought me in to help create their first Facebook chatbot. The concept was to create a dueling pair of ultimate fanbots that would get surfing fans fired up for the finals of the WSL World Championship Tour.

johnjohn vs medina.png


Since John John Florence and Gabriel Medina were neck and neck in the title race, we scripted two fanbots - one from Hawaii to root for John John and one from Brazil to root for Medina. Both bots would have their own personality,  talk trash, give a little background about each surfer, and encourage fans to tune in for the contest that would crown a world champion - the Pipeline Masters in Hawaii.

For each bot, we created about 25 interactions along with a collection of downloadable gifs, photos, stickers, and badges that could be shared on social media. It was all locked, loaded, and ready to launch on Facebook. But thanks to questionable scoring on a few waves, John John ended up winning the Rip Curl Pro contest in Portugal - which meant he clinched the World Championship Tour title before even going to Hawaii. The WSL chatbot launch had to be postponed and John John Florence put me out of a job.

Todds Book_WSL chatbot.png