To help families plan their Walt Disney World vacation, Disney sends them a DVD with hours of footage that covers every theme park, attraction, and hotel. But that’s not very magical. So instead, they asked us to create an iPad app using their existing DVD content.


The last thing we wanted to do was build a video player where users just passively watched video. Instead, our idea was to create a Magic Mirror that would be a portal into the many lands of Walt Disney World. As the user commanded the mirror, it would conjure up the videos, photos, and travel tips from the DVD.



To give the Magic Mirror personality, we used both Tinker Bell and Snow White’s Man in the Mirror to be the hosts. Each character reacted to what the user was doing and helped guide them through each section. We worked with Disney’s character department to record all kinds of VO for the Man in the Mirror and used 3D models of the Mirror and Tinker Bell to give the app just the right amount of Disney magic.

Unfortunately, the Magic Mirror isn’t in iTunes anymore and all I have are these comps. That’s where your imagination comes in.