lululemon is a billion-dollar company that’s gone from a cultish yoga brand to an international leader in athleisure fashion. The only problem was that their website wasn’t flexing and stretching enough to keep up with demand. So we aligned our chakras and got to work getting their website into shape.



Our design approach was to create a responsive site that reimagined the way commerce and content worked together. Instead of a product-focused site where people could buy $100 yoga pants, we wanted to create a personalized experience where people could get inspired, educated, motivated, and challenged. And buy $100 yoga pants.

The homepage went from being a visual menu of product categories into a collection of jumping off points that were actionable, customized, and tailored to where the guest was located.



Product pages became fashion lookbooks that told the story of why a product was developed – instead of just listing features and specs.



Ambassador pages became places where local lulu gurus could talk about the products they used themselves while promoting their own businesses, routines, and training.



Ultimately, we never wanted guests to reach a dead-end. So instead of singular-focused pages divided by product category, we created broader, interconnected stories. Most inspiring was that not every page had to sell product. If it told a great story, educated a guest, or motivated them to be better, that was just as meaningful as putting an item in a shopping cart.