As part of Gatorade’s rebranding efforts, the company needed a site that simplified their product lineup and showcased their roster of pro athletes. So we took a highlight reel approach, using full bleed video to get the athletes and products more into the game.

Throw in some interactive product labels and athletes who react to mouseover - and you’ve got a site that’s pretty “G”.







Product efficacy was an important part of Gatorade’s rebranding. Since many people were unfamiliar with how Gatorade helped the body, I worked on a campaign that explained the science of Gatorade. The campaign took an anatomical approach to sports, focusing on how Gatorade helps the body perform at its best.



Sure banners are a given for any campaign, but at least these used the space well. Each unit made it appear that the weight the athlete was lifting was attached to the banner frame. When the unit played, the space of the banner contracted and expanded. I thought it was a cool, contextual way to show the benefits of Gatorade in action.